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Get- Theology Thursday - What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong Theology Thursday - What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong

Theology Thursday - What a Beautiful Name by Hillsong

Size : 8.4 MB | Duration ::06:07

It’s the inaugural edition of “Theology Thursday” where we look at the lyrics of a variety of...

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Singing Lies to God #1. Hillsong So Will I

Size : 7.8 MB | Duration ::05:41

Most are moved by their "feelings & tingles", having no idea what they're singing...

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Sketchy Theology in Christian Songs

Size : 5.4 MB | Duration ::03:56

Unsurprisingly, many Christian worship songs contain theological errors. Others are worded in...

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Theology Thursday - Forever Reign by Hillsong

Size : 16.59 MB | Duration ::12:05

Forever Reign is a solid worship song from Hillsong. But there's one word in one line of one...

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Truth About Music, Choir Director in Heaven False Theology About Music, Ruslan Reacts

Size : 15.52 MB | Duration ::11:18

Truth About Music, Choir Director in Heaven? False Theology About Music, Ruslan Reacts ►...

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Bad Theology - Daily Devotion

Size : 3.14 MB | Duration ::02:17

Theodore Roosevelt is quoted as saying, “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much...

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Truth We Believe and Songs We Sing: How Important Is Theology in Worship

Size : 15.13 MB | Duration ::11:01

A discussion about the vital role of theology in worship music. In this video: Keith Getty, Don...

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Worship Leaders Don't Lead People Into God's Presence

Size : 7.9 MB | Duration ::05:45

Check out Austin Stone Worship's live video for, "In The Hands Of Christ My King" here: ...

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Should We Sing Worship Songs With Bad Theology

Size : 10.03 MB | Duration ::07:18

Should we sing songs with bad theology. Worship songs need to be correct in doctrine. In the...

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Bethel Church Live - Bad theology always has bad consequences - 1 Kings 20

Size : 7.46 MB | Duration ::05:26

Live stream of the Oldham Bethel Church service on 10th January 2021.

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How Bad Theology Leads Us To Mess Up

Size : 2.11 MB | Duration ::01:32

We can't care about church tradition, we need to care about what the Bible actually says. Bad...

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Six Hymns With Bad Theology Really

Size : 26.05 MB | Duration ::18:58

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Dr Abel Damina Corrects Wrong Theology In ''Way Maker & You Made A Way'' Songs

Size : 9.22 MB | Duration ::06:43

If Anything, Or A Song or A Preacher Or Even An Angel From Heaven Contradicts What The Scriptures...

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Woman speaks out about alleged affair with Hillsong pastor l GMA

Size : 6.8 MB | Duration ::04:57

Ranin Karim, who says she had an affair with former Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz, speaks in...

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John Piper - Which grieves you more: bad theology or division in the church

Size : 4.23 MB | Duration ::03:05

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Ravi Zacharias and the Danger of Once Saved Always Saved Theology

Size : 29.18 MB | Duration ::21:15

Bad doctrine has a way of getting worse and worse. The idea of Eternal Security has led many to...

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The Bible: A queer positive book | Rev. Dr. Cheri DiNovo | TEDxToronto

Size : 19.91 MB | Duration ::14:30

Within the pages of the Bible shines clear evidence and proof of a queer positive culture. The...

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Part 7 Response To Defecting From Bethel: Bad Theology In Worship Songs & Hypnosis

Size : 9.06 MB | Duration ::06:36

My thoughts concerning a podcast that I recently listened to called Defecting From Bethel

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worship leading q&a || dream job leading on bad days bad theology in mainstream worship

Size : 38.34 MB | Duration ::27:55

ever wonder what it's like to lead worship on sunday mornings? do you have a passion for...

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Good folks, bad theology

Size : 32.96 MB | Duration ::24:00

We all fall for it, from time to time. 2:04:30 Epic 2 hour guitar jam starts Support the stream: ...

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The True Gospel Vs. Prosperity Theology | Costi Hinn | Selected Scriptures

Size : 22.45 MB | Duration ::16:21

Countryside Bible Church, Southlake, TX Evening Worship Service | Sunday - June 6, 2021 ...

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The Dark Reality Of The Christian Music Industry | State Of Grace | Refinery29

Size : 25.73 MB | Duration ::18:44

On this episode of State Of Grace, our host Grace Baldridge uncovers the dark reality of the...

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Which Songs Should We Sing In Church [Worship Song Theology]

Size : 12.75 MB | Duration ::09:17

What Makes A Song Worth Singing? I am often asked how I choose songs for worship and good...

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HARMONIC ATHEIST - Keith Giles: Deconstructing Bad Theology in the Church

Size : 19.41 MB | Duration ::14:08

Today I spoke with Keith Giles, an author, blogger, podcaster, and teacher who focuses on the...

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Bad theology will kill you, but good theology won’t save you.

Size : 15.24 MB | Duration ::11:06

An IGTV LIVE from the other day where I wax poetic about some ideas.

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